How to login in myloweslife portal? is My Lowe’s Life Portal URL address. This portal is property of Lowe’s Companies Inc. This company is American household retailer with main office located in North Carolina state in Mooresville. There are more than two thousand shops in USA and the nearest to it countries. Every employee of myloweslife has access to some online services which are hosted here. It’s not important what type of employee you are (full-time or part-time). Here is a list of online services which are available now:

  • Getting access to paycheck using Internet.
  • Caring about employee’s health including Health insurance and recipe medicine.
  • Caring about employee’s car including car insurance.
  • Care about employee’s teeth including dental insurance.
  • Care about employee’s eyes including vision insurance.
  • Life and disability insurance.
  • Ability to buy stocks of company by employee.
  • Retirement plan for every employee
  • Reimbursement of tuition.

Myloweslife service was made so easy to understand, but there are some people who have bad intuition. Specially for this people Lowe’s company made video guide, which consist advanced interpretation of advantages and all available services. Understanding of this video guide will help you find out how to use Video can be found on

Technically support

If you have troubles using Lowe’s service, you can send message to our support. If you prefer voice communications, you can call our technically support at specified in “Contacts” phone number. Be sure that you will get help from high qualified staff, which know how to explain way of entering and using portal for the most conservative people.

Way of logining into

Here you can see steps that are necessary to log to portal. You must be ensured that you use personal computer with high level of secure when entering to portal.

  1. Open your internet browser. Here you need to type URL address of My Lowe’s Life portal in address bar, which can be found at top of browser.
  2. “Sales Number” bar is needed to enter your sale number here.
  3. As you can understand, password should be entered in “Password” bar.
  4. Press “Login” button to log to portal.
  5. After that, you will get to main portal page.

A lot of people have problems on second and third steps. These problems are usually caused by using Caps Lock and incorrect language. Before entering identification information, you must be sure that Caps lock is disabled and certain language is chosen.

If there are some problems after that, there is only one reason — you forgot your password. In this case you could click on “Forgot password”. It is the way to return your pass from My Lowe’s Life portal.