Keeping in touch with customers with talktowendys was made by Wendy’s company for keeping in touch with customers and getting feedback, which will be used for statistical accounting. It’s not important what type of feedback customers share — negative feedback is more useful for company managers. They can improve products quality, service level using customer’s comments, so this improving makes visitors experience more positive. Moreover, every participant gets special code on his receipt.

After ending survey on, you will get a special code, which can be used to get profit, when you visit restaurant for a next time. You can write this code on your receipt or just follow instruction, which can be found on official talktowendys website. When you will visit Wendy’s restaurant for a next time, you just need to show code to cashier. Cashier doesn’t accept code if it’s already activated or outdated.

How to use

  1. Enter official website address ( in your internet browser’s address bar
  2. You must be sure that you see green lock icon at left side of your browser’s address bar. If you see this green lock icon, that means you connection is protected by special encryption, so your personal information is protected too. Ensure that you write URL correctly. There are a lot of phishing websites with similar addresses. They try to steal visitor’s personal information to use it in selfish goals.
  3. There are a lot of languages that can be used to complete survey. English is set as default language, but you can change it by clicking on convenient for you language.
  4. Enter number, which is consisted of 4 digits, and date of visiting restaurant in specified bars. This information can be found in your receipt.
  5. To begin survey, you should click “Start” button.
  6. Talktowendys survey is consisted of some easy question about your the latest visiting of Wendy’s restaurant. Most of the questions ask you about food quality and service level.
  7. After ending survey, you could specify your contact information. IT’s necessary if you want to get coupons and sweepstakes winner prize in the future.
  8. Finally, after ending survey on, you will get code. Recommend you to write it on your receipt. After that, you can use it in every Wendy’s restaurant. Just show your code to cashier and you will activate your offer. You can’t see your code again if you already leaved from official survey web page, so be sure that your have written it.

Taking part in survey doesn’t take a lot of your free time (about 5 minutes), but you’ll make a big help to Wendy’s company. This information is so important for it. If you are fan of Wendy’s food chain, you can’t be indifferent.