– Customers survey about Pizza Hut restaurants

PizzaHut is one of the most popular pizza companies. Nowadays, every huge company has own survey, so every Pizza Hut visitor can be participant of Pizza Hut satisfaction survey and have chance to win lottery. If you are already of legal age and have receipt from restaurant, you can visit and take part in company’s survey. It provides managers to make visitors experience better.

Sharing your opinion and giving recommendations to the company is helpful not only for company, but for you, as a visitor, too. Moreover, you have chance to win very valuable prize (1500 dollars). Good experience of visiting makes you happier. You just need to spend some minutes on taking part in this survey, but think about the benefits you get with tellpizzahut.

What we know about Pizza Hut company?

Pizza Hut is owned by Yum!. This restaurants chain is one of the most popular chain in the United States and maybe around the world. In Pizza Hut restaurants you can buy Italian and American food for satisfactory prices.

First restaurant was opened in 1958 in Kansas. Firstly, it was small restaurant, but then it became one of the most popular restaurants chain. The peak of growth occurred in the 60s after restaurants were opened in Eastern U.S.

Way of taking part in this event tellpizzahut

What you should have?

  • Smartphone or personal computer with Internet connection.
  • Knowledge of one of the languages presented on the website
  • Receipt from restaurant.
  • Specified age.


  1. Firstly, you should get on survey web page .
  2. Select preferred language.
  3. Type necessary information, which you can find in receipt, in specified field. Then click enter button to begin taking part in survey.
  4. You can ween a thousand dollars daily and 1500 dollars weekly only after completing Pizza Hut satisfaction survey.
  5. Type references from your cheque in specified fields and then click OK to start survey.
  6. Here will be questions about visiting Pizza Hut restaurant experience. Answer on them honestly.
  7. Specify would you like to be notified about other surveys via email. Moreover, you can get advertising information with coupons on free food or discounts. Then click Next button.
  8. Enter your electronic mail address.
  9. Type your contact details, which Yum! Company would use if you win one of lotteries.
  10. Give answer on the final question. End your questionnaire!
  11. Wait until you get mail, that you are in lottery.