Tellsubway — sharing opinion about service

Tellsubway is a new development of Subway company, which provides it to find what clients think about company’s products quality and service level. It’s not important what type of feedback customers share. If there are some unhappy visitors, managers would do changes depending on customer’s wishes. If there are only happy customers, company can think about attracting new fans. These changes will make experience after visiting more positive. Moreover, every participant of tellsubway will get special code, which provides them to get free sandwich or something else, and chance to enter in lottery.

When you complete survey on, you will get special coupon code. You can use it until a month has passed after visiting one of the outlets. Write it on your cheque or just use guide on and then visit restaurant. Here you should show your receipt with code to cashier. It will be accepted if you it isn’t activated already or outdated.

If you have huge desire to know all about new special offers, you should visit official survey web page regularly.

Actions what should be done on survey

  1. First step, what you should do, is visiting official tellsubway web page using your browser.
  2. You must have no doubts that you see green padlock icon at left side of your browser’s URL bar. If you see this green lock icon, that means your connection is protected by special encryption, so your personal information is protected too. Ensure that you write URL rightly. There are a lot of phishing web services with similar URL. They try to steal visitor’s personal information to use it in selfish goals.
  3. Type number, which is consisted of 16 digits, in specified bar.
  4. Type id of restaurant.
  5. All this information you can get from your cheque.
  6. Here will be button, which provides you to continue.
  7. Now, you should see some bars, where you need to enter certain info, again. Use information from your cheque.
  8. Here will be button, which provides you to begin tellsubway survey.
  9. On you should ask on some not difficult questions about experience after visiting one of the outlets. Most of the question will are about food quality, staff, and service level.
  10. Don’t forget to write code, which you will get after survey, on your cheque. It’s necessary to use it when you will visit Subway for a next time. If you will forget to write your code and cancel browser or page, you couldn’t get your freebie in restaurant.

You participation in survey is huge help for Subway company. Taking part doesn’t take a lot of your free time (about 5 minutes), so recommend you to don’t ignore this offer. Every active position must be rewarded — Subway gives coupons for every participant.