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Burger King company use web page to find out what people think about restaurants service using their opinions and feedback. Taking part in mybkexperience provides customers to become part of Burger King history and show managers of BK to understand what things in service should be changed. Moreover, every active customer will get special prizes including code which can be spentto get gratuitous food in one of the BK establishments.

When you complete all questions on mybkexperience, you will get special code. You can use it to get gratuitous meal in one of the Burger King restaurants. It can be spent during month after you get it. Write it on your cheque or just do all as it written on web page. Take it when you will be in BK restaurant for a next time and show it to teller. Teller will accept code if it isn’t already activated or outdated.

Moreover, there are a lot of different special offers. If you have desire to get the latest information, you should check it on

How to take part in survey on MyBKExperience

  1. Visit by typing this URL in your browser address bar.
  2. There should be green lock icon on left side of URL bar. This icon means that you are on official web page and your personal information is protected by special encryption method. There are a lot of websites which have similar URL and steal personal information of users. Be sure that you are not victim of phishing.
  3. Here will be choice between two languages: English and Spanish. English language is used as default, but people, who prefer Spanish, can change English to Spanish by clicking on “Español”.
  4. Type number of restaurant. You can get this number from your Burger King receipt.
  5. Click on “Next” to continue survey.
  6. Type your “survey code” which also can be taken from BK cheque.
  7. Clicking on “Start” will begin your taking part in survey.
  8. Here will be some easy questions about your visiting of Burger King on Mostly questions are about products quality, staff, service, and atmosphere.
  9. Finally, you will get special coupon on It provides you to get gratuitous meal in every restaurant of BK company. To do it, you should write code on your cheque and go with it to restaurant during 30 days after getting. Don’t close page with code until you don’t write it, because you couldn’t open it again.

Your participant in survey is so important for Burger King company, so you will be rewarded. Don’t forget that all service changes make your experience after visiting better, so don’t be passive. You feedback can be the reason to change something wrong in company’s policy.