Sharing feedback on

Whataburger survey is page, which was made by Whataburger company to find out customer attitude to products and service level. This information can be used in statistical accounting. If there are some negative feedback, manager would do some changes in company privacy or in certain restaurant depending on participant wishes, so after that customers will get more positive emotions. Moreover, everyone, who takes part in whataburger survey, will get special coupon on free hamburger or French fries.

When you complete survey on, special code will be sent to you. It’s necessary to write it on your receipt or use guide, which can be found on official survey web page. After that, you can activate it to one of the Whataburger restaurants in the future. To activate your validation code, you should show it to cashier. It can’t be activated if it’s already activated or outdated.

How to take part in survey?

  1. First step is typing URL address of official web page ( in your browser’s address bar.
  2. Be sure that you see green lock icon at left part of your browser’s URL bar. If you see this green lock icon, that means you connection is protected by special encryption, so your personal information is protected too. Ensure that you write URL rightly. There are a lot of web pages with similar URL addresses. They try to steal customer’s personal information to use it in selfish goals.
  3. You can surf Spanish version of website as English version. English language is default language. If you prefer Spanish language, you just need to press “Español” button, which can be found in left bottom part of page.
  4. Enter your Survey code in specified bar. You can find this code in your receipt.
  5. “Start” provides you to begin survey.
  6. There will be some simple questions about feelings, which you got after visiting one of the Whataburger restaurants. Most of the questions are about staff, products and service level.
  7. When you answer all questions, you could specify your contact details. It’s necessary to send your coupon or sweepstakes winner prize to your electronic mail.
  8. Finally, you will get your special code after ending survey on It’s necessary to copy it on your cheque. After that, you can activate it on your next visiting restaurant. If you forget to write your code and cancel your browser or whataburger survey page, you won’t be able to use your code, so check all your action twice.

Survey results are so important for Whataburger company, so if you like this food restaurant chain, you should take part in this survey. Taking part doesn’t take a lot of your free time. You just need to spend about 5 minutes on questions answering.